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3-5 Counseling (Mrs. Spence)

Friends Embracing

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Dear Parents,
I am so excited to be your child's counselor and am dedicated to serving through guidance lessons, individual meetings, small group, and parent consultations! I welcome you to reach out to me as another adult support and advocate for your child on any of these topics or other concerns that you may have:
  • Friendship skills
  • Peer conflict
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Academic Motivation
  • Positive Behavior Choices 
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                         512-660-5230 (ext 140)
    Office Hours (M,T,TH,F) 2:00-4:00: Zoom Room to Visit with Mrs. Spence
    Mental Health Resource Guide: Local Services                 Grief Resource Guide:  2020 grief                         
    2020/2021 Guidance Lesson Topics (In progress): Spence Lessons 2020
    2019/2020 Guidance Lesson Topics: Spence 2019 Lesson
    Spence Counseling Group Request Form:  Small Group Request Form
My Philosophy
I consider myself in service to you and your child. I like to work as a team with parents, teachers and administration while still allowing your student the space to safely share their concerns through confidential reflection and to empower them to understand themselves and others with dimension.
When together, your child and I will examine various options for addressing their concerns or questions. Your child will then be given the freedom to try out an option if they so choose and encouraged to revisit and reflect upon its efficacy. Life is about the adventure of risking to try new solutions and to come back to the drawing board if they don't work.
My role is to help them better recognize their emotions in connection to their actions, to communicate and express their needs respectfully to others, and to work through  the decision making process with someone who is safe and who will always accept their feelings, so that they can move in a positive direction forward.
Most of all, I am their resilience cheerleader--they can solve their problems, they are wonderful the way they are, and they don't have to be perfect!!!
Warmest Regards,
Nancy Spence