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Visitor Policy

Visiting the School
Before entering the school beyond the foyer, visitors (including parents and guardians) must check in at the school’s office.  Parents should carry some form of photo identification and check in through the Raptor System.   The Raptor Security System has the ability to scan drivers’ licenses or state-issued ID cards and perform background checks.   All visitors must successfully complete the check before they will be allowed to enter the school beyond the foyer. 
On the first day of school, K-6 parents are able to walk their child to the classroom.  Parents will not be able to conference with teachers during this time, as the supervision of children is the first priority.  Kinder parents will be able to walk their child to the classroom for the first week - however the faster they get into the routine of walking to their classroom waiting area, the easier it will be for them.  After the first week of the school year, parents/guardians may drop their child off in the car drop-off area, or walk them to the foyer.  Students will be supervised by staff as they proceed to class.  To ensure the security of our students, doors to classroom areas will remain locked during the school day.   Meridian’s policy does not allow parents or visitors to walk the hallways or sit in classrooms unless there is a specific need and prior approval and coordination is done through the administrator and teacher prior to the date.  This complies with state law, prohibiting the interrruption of classes during the school day.   With the intense program that we have, it is also an effort to minimize distractions and maximize student learning, as well as to ensure confidentiality and the safety of our children.  Teachers are teaching classrooms all day except for a state mandated duty-free lunch and a short planning period.  Teachers at Meridian are also involved in before and after school duties, tutoring, etc.   If you wish to speak to a teacher, please contact the office to leave a message to schedule an appointment.

Meridian’s cafeteria space necessitates the lunch program run from 10:40 until 1:30.   Unfortunately because of the size of the cafeteria, at this time there is no space for parents to have lunch with their child.  However, volunteering in the cafeteria is a way to see your child at lunch.  Parents are required to sign up for a 30-minute block of time to assist the teachers who are monitoring the cafeteria.  Volunteers assist the teachers and all students with their lunch needs.  It is not a time for parents to stand by their child or assist them in eating their lunch, however it is a great time to get to know our students!